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The Bin Trash Spa will forever change the way to think about your trash and recycling bins! Gone are the dreadful, soiled, smelly bins. Our signature service will take your grimy bins and transform them into bins you’ll love!  We are locally owned and will be servicing Reno + Sparks neighborhoods. 
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Gone are the days of holding your breath while taking the trash out!

Our state-of-the-art, custom truck lifts two cans simultaneously and pressure washes them with high-temperature, multi-directional, high-pressure water that cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes. Our service leaves your once-filthy bins looking like-new and sparkling clean.

Contactless, Curbside Service Every Four Weeks For $24.99

Coming Spring 2022 to reno + sparks
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Trash Spa Benefits

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Locally Owned
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Our Process

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Soiled trash receptacles produce lingering foul odor that attract rodents, insects and other unwanted pests and animals. Additionally, they provide the perfect environment for the growth of unhealthy bacteria, molds, and germs. To maintain sanitary bin conditions, the responsibility currently lands with residential and commercial customers; a difficult and dirty job no one wants to tackle.


The Bin Trash Spa solves this issue with regular cleaning and sanitizing of residential or commercial bins, leaving them in like-new, sparkling clean condition. Our eco-friendly cleaning process not only conserves water, but also ensures that the residual soiled water isn’t dumped in our community’s gutters. Our customized truck retains all the dirty, germy water and safely and properly disposes it.
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Our services are affordable at only $24.99 per every four weeks for our subscription-based service. We also offer a one-time cleaning service option for a flat rate of $59.99. Our efficient and friendly team will visit your property following your designated trash service day to perform our signature Trash Spa service. After the service, the bins will be returned to your driveway entirely refreshed and sparkling clean.
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