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Everything you need to know about The Bin.

Curious to learn more about trash can cleaning? Read below to have your questions about our signature services answered.
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New clients

What is trash bin cleaning service?

We provide contactless, curbside trash bin cleaning service. Our Attendant will perform an exterior cleaning and our custom truck will power-wash, sanitize, and deodorize the interior of your trash and recycling bins. Your trash cans will be sanitized, refreshed and sparkling clean after our signature service.

What is the pricing for trash can cleaning service?

Our recurring service is our best-seller and ensures your bins remain consistently clean and refreshed. This plan is $24.99.  We also offer a quarterly, and one-time service plan.  Gone are the days of holding your breath around your bins. Click here, to order now.

How do I order?

It’s easy! Click here, to order our services. We will use the information provided and your specific address to reserve your spot on our service route. Clean trash cans coming soon!

What neighborhoods do you currently service?

We currently service neighborhoods in both Reno and Sparks. We will be expanding our service area as we gain new clients outside of the current zones. View the zip codes within our service area here.

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely! A gift card to The Bin makes a great gift for special holidays like Grandparent’s Day, Administrative Professionals Day, winter holiday gifting and more! This service also makes a great client gift for Realtors, teacher appreciation, and housewarming gifts.

Do you offer commercial plans?

Yes, we can provide a custom quote for commercial businesses who currently utilize plastic residential-sized bins. We do not service metal dumpsters, at this time.


When do you come to service my trash bins?

We offer next-day trash can cleaning service following your assigned trash pick-up schedule.

How will I know you are coming to clean my bins?

You will receive a text message to notify you that our team will arrive the following day and to please leave your bins out for service.

What if I’m out of town on my service day?

Please contact our office at 775-600-BINS so we can shift your service to an alternate route schedule.

What if I forget to leave my bins out for service?

Our text message system has been proven effective in reminding our clients to leave their bins out for service. If our Attendant arrives and is unable to complete the service due to no available bins, the service fee will remain for that scheduled cleaning.

My recycling bin is emptied every other week. How does that work with scheduling?

We will collect this information during your enrollment. We service every four weeks to keep you on the same weekly schedule as your trash and recycling bin schedule.


Why do I need this service?

Trash bins are notorious for getting icky-sticky and staying icky-sticky. DIY cleaning is not only challenging, but more importantly, the waste water and cleaning chemicals used, should never be dumped in our community’s gutters. Our truck is custom-designed to handle this specific job effectively and with amazing results!

How do you clean the bins?

The Bin Trash Spa truck was custom-built specifically to clean trash bins effectively and with outstanding results. The truck lifts two cans simultaneously and washes them with high-temperature, multi-directional, high-pressure water that cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes. Our team will also power-wash the outside of the bins and provide a custom blended deodorizing spritz to conclude the service.  It smells amazing!

Where does the dirty water go?

The dirty water is washed from your bins and retained inside our truck until it is properly disposed of at an approved waste-water dump site at the end of the day. The filthy water is never dumped in your street or gutters.

Why is there a sticker on my bin?

We identify our service bins with a sticker so our Attendant can correlate those bins with the service address and plan purchased.

Do I need to be home during the service?

Not at all! We offer contactless, curbside service. We only ask that your bins remain curbside until they’ve been cleaned. Afterward, our team will place your refreshed bins by your garage or side gate.

What if trash is still in my bins when you arrive to service them?

We are unable to service bins that contain trash, recycling matter or compost material.

Do you provide service during the winter months?

Yes! We are cautious during winter months to ensure the safety of both our Attendants and our streets. We only service when temperatures remain above freezing and clean the interior of the bins only. We suspend power-washing the outside of the bins so unnecessary water doesn’t accumulate in the street, which could create unsafe ice.


Can I switch from one-time to every four weeks?

Yes! We are confident that you will love your bins after we provide our signature service. Please contact us at 775-600-BINS or email us at [email protected] so we can assist with transitioning your plan to every four weeks.

When will I be billed for my service?

  • Recurring service plans require a saved payment method on file.  The card on file will be billed following each completed service.
  • One-time Service: You will be billed at the time of sign-up.  Invoices must be paid in full prior to your scheduled visit.

What if I’m moving and need to cancel?

If you’re moving within Reno + Sparks, we can transfer the service to your new address. If you’re moving out of the area, please provide one (1) week’s notice to cancel your plan.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is a $20 cancellation fee if a monthly plan is cancelled prior to nine (9) consecutive services. Please provide one (1) week’s notice for service cancellation.
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We are happy to help with any other questions you may have. Please email The Bin at [email protected] or call us directly at 775-600-BINS.

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